There are many accessories to go with all types of flooring. We supply a range of underlays which come in a for back form in different thickness to suit you and is also all hard wearing. Underlay even though not seen once you carpet is down is very important to ensure your carpet lasts those extra years. As well as this it will also be able to give sound proofing and will insulate the property and help to eliminate floor creaking. Our underlays come in 8mm 9mm and 11mm thickness and the prices are competitive. We do supply a laminate underlay to help support your laminate from any moisture.

We also car door bars in either silver or gold colours and if for the hard flooring can supply wooden door strips. Of course if there is any specific finish you are after then we will do our very best to supply this.
We provide Scotia beading for our laminates and real woods which is stuck around the sides for that final touch. Accessories can be difficult to choose so don’t hesitate in contacting us for advice.

Along with accessories there are also extras to think about such as spray adhesive. This will be needed for areas such as stairs to make sure the carpet is fitted as tight as possible as safety is paramount when it comes to stairs. Adhesive will also be needed to stick a carpet down if you choose not to have underlay. We also supply grippers which will vary depending on carpet you select.

We do supply hard boarding for areas which may need levelling out and screed which will also help before fitting a vinyl and we have expert fitters who can assist in these areas. We

will always check with our measuring service and recommend what accessories you need to ensure the best quality finish.