We find it amusing when consumer gurus give advice about weaselling the best deal out of a carpet sales rep, because we know we’ve got the best deal in town. In fact, we guarantee it. The Guardian money section ran an article warning of the hidden costs of carpets.
The writer advises checking for hidden costs of gripper rods and underlay, and also instructs on how to toss out lower prices you’ve seen at competitors’ stores in attempt to get the sales rep to pull out the calculator and lower the price. At Carpethub you don’t need to jump through all those hoops. You simply need to know about our “price match promise.” Just bring us a written quote from any of our competitors for your dream carpet and we will beat it – no questions asked, no haggling required! We’re not only Bristol’s top flooring provider, we’re Bristol’s top savings hub as well. That’s demonstrated in the fact that once we attract a customer she usually becomes a customer for life.

Any of our highly experienced carpet consultants could continue writing that Guardian article by listing further Carpethub money saving tricks. First of all, we understand that quality saves you money. We carry only the highest quality available in carpet, vinyl floor, laminate floor, wood floor or any combination of flooring you can dream up. We wouldn’t be around for

Carpets, vinyl flooring, underlay, wooden flooring

Carpets, vinyl flooring, underlay, wooden flooring

 thirty-five years if we didn’t. Our family-run company sports a long-standing highly experienced professional staff that can consult you on your pragmatic and aesthetic needs. Top quality means no need to replace your flooring for many years. This is the most important way we save you money – quality means durability. If you’d like to hear what satisfied customers are saying about their new floor just skim some of our reviews – they speak louder than any ad we could pay for.

Another unique way we save you money is through our in-home custom measuring program. Our fitting experts employ this efficient multi-length quoting service to upload your precise room length and width (even the unique nooks and crannies) and compute a price estimate on the spot! They save you time, and that means saving you money. During their visit our team members will also check on the condition of your floor: the age, panel settling or discoloration of a wood floor, vinyl floor or even old laminate floor may require certain tweaks, repairs or adjustments before your new flooring can be safely and aesthetically installed. Over the decades our consultants have developed hawk eyes for these issues. They’ll alert you to any pre-installation steps that may be required– again saving you money, because it costs more to make these repairs in mid-installation. They also bring samples right to your door so you can see and feel your choices – preventing the hassle of sending back and reordering. We at Carpethub realise time is money, and we are trained to save you both. So don’t get scammed on your next carpet purchase. Just contact us whenever you’re ready for the best deal in town.

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