The holidays bring family and friends together more than any other party time.  So when you finally get all those loved ones gathered at one address, you’ll also wish they’d actually end up in one room together where they can interact, catch up and enjoy each other’s’ company.  That’s what family rooms are for, and if they’re well designed and furnished your wish is likely to come true.  One of the most effective inviting touches for a family room is a cosy carpet. The Press and Journal offers common sense tips on how to choose a new carpet, which we at  Carpethub could’ve told you about thirty years ago.


Carpet is like most home décor products – you get what you pay for.  So our specialists always suggest the durable and beautiful two or three ply carpets. One ply carpets will only get you through the next couple holiday seasons. And since this is your busiest room, choosing a blend that offers 20% nylon for performance and 80% wool for aesthetic appeal would be wise.  Carpethub is the obvious source for such a carpet – that soft, tight weave of wool, polyester and nylon of wall-to-wall flooring is what we thrive on. To work for the top flooring provider in the Bristol area you have to have passion for carpet and a curiosity about the ever- changing styles.  We also offer our unique “price match promise.” We will beat any written quote from any of our competitors for the carpet of your choice.


We are not only sales people; we are well-studied consultants.  Knowing your favourite colour doesn’t mean you know which texture, colour and style to choose for each room.  These decisions can alter the entire atmosphere of your abode    So, we recommend you take home a sample and view it in the light and context of your entire home.  You’ll see how easy and fun that can be when you visit our showroom with its thousands of samples and dozens of knowledgeable creatives can conjure up a cosy, festive feel.  Got questions?  Ask away!   So send us a Quick Contact and start spreading the holiday cheers!

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