Who doesn’t want to save money on home decorating?  Along with being the top flooring provider the Bristol area, we at Carpet Hub are determined to be Bristol’s’ top savings hub as well.  We offer you savings through multiple strategies, so once we attract a customer they usually become a customer for life.  First and foremost our philosophy holds that quality saves you money.  Whether it’s a carpet, vinyl floor, laminate floor, wood floor or any combination of flooring the creative designer in you can conjure  – we will provide you with the highest quality available in the Bristol area.  That’s understood in a thirty five year old family-run company with a long-standing highly experienced professional staff that relates to your needs – both pragmatic and aesthetic.  Top quality means no need to replace your flooring for at least a generation.  This is the most important way we save you money – quality means durability.  But you may notice that our competitors also carry some of the same elite quality styles and brands we do.  That’s why we offer our “price match promise.”  Just bring us a written quote from any of our competitors for the product in question and we will beat it.  No questions asked.  We want your product to last as long as your enjoyment of it, so we want your budget to allow you to begin enjoying your new floor as soon as it’s installed.

Another unique way we save you money is through our custom measuring program.  This efficient multi-length quoting service allows our fitting experts to upload your precise room length and width (even the unique nooks and crannies) and our program will immediately compute a price estimate.  Voila!  They’ve saved you time; therefore they’ve saved you money.  And while our team member is in your home measuring he or she will also check on the condition of your floor.  Sometimes the age, panel settling or discoloration of a wood floor, vinyl floor or even old laminate floor will require certain tweaks, repairs or adjustments before your new flooring can be safely and aesthetically installed.  Our experts have trained eyes for such disrepair which your eye may have become accustomed to.  They will make you aware of any special steps of processes that need to be executed before beginning installation – again saving you money, because it costs more to make these repairs in mid installation.  They will also consult you on the best choice of flooring after asking about the function, amount of usage and aesthetic visions you have for each room you’re fitting.  There’s also the flow of flooring from room to room that needs to be considered.  Sometimes, when you’re sharply focused on finishing one room you tend to forget it is connected to other rooms which need to flow in a holistic way through your household.  We assist you with this consistency, again saving you money by saving from having to order do-overs in the future.  Because we know flooring is a long term decision, we offer to bring samples right to your door so you can see and feel the choices you are considering, again, reducing the possibility of backtracking on an order and wasting more time.

Maybe you are the type of family that has time and does enjoy going out shopping for your home improvement needs and wants.  In that case you’ll make quite an adventure of it in our showroom which features thousands of samples – carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood and even accessories to match all these flooring mediums.  And two heads are always better than one, so if you come out to visit you’ll be able to take advantage of multiple experts on our team.  You will more than likely save time, as you’ll probably make your decision much faster than you would with one expert at hand.  You’ll also save gas money, as our hub is so conveniently located for Bristol area residents, and we offer plenty of free parking.  We are never busy to answer your questions before beginning your order, so contact us with them today.

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