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Xmas is coming and naturally our carpet shop will get busier and therefore carpet fitting will get tighter.  Let’s not deny that replacing flooring seems to be very popular in the lead up for Xmas. Typically lounge and diner rooms are the most popular. Let’s not count out bedrooms though. So here at carpet hub we feel it’s our duty to provide the best carpets or laminate or vinyl flooring in bristol on a very special day such as Xmas. However we know the customer will be wanting a deal. Giving our current extra 20% off your carpets will free up more more money for the presents! We will guarantee to give you the best prices around for your flooring needs. Carpets are the most popular choices for flooring at the Xmas period. We have lovely thick soft carpets to give you that Warm feel or fantastic natural looking laminate and wood flooring.

We will be introducing sale vouchers as this because we don’t have anytime length we will be running the extra 20% off. Just incase these vouchers can be used for future use. If it’s laminate or vinyl flooring you are having done then allow yourself time to make sure your floor is first of all levelled which may involve a screed or hardboard as this will take up fitting time. Only as it will be the busy Xmas period.

we can cover a measuring service over bristol and bath but again we will get booked up quickly. We can supply all flooring for pick up and delivery also. The main thing regarding this page is about giving a deal. Which we are more than happy to provide. You will be shocked on how many carpet ranges we have and then shocked when the price is given. The best range currently on at the moment and suitable for all areas of household is the evolution range. This range is very dense but soft and great for cleaning! We are very excited with times ahead and carpet hub are always striving for the best prices and service to make our carpet shop in bristol the best fur the genera, public. Dont’ hesitate to book before the Xmas period and give us a call in 01173790764 or visit store.






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