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Bristol has always had a high proportion of property to rent, partly because of the demand from students at the very well respected university, the School of Veterinary Sciences, and the fact that Bristol is a commercial hub at the gateway to the Westcountry. If you are a private, or commercial landlord, we already know that one of the greatest problems is keeping flooring in good condition – tenants are notorious for not being as house-proud as homeowners. The floor is usually the first part of rented accommodation to take a battering, often starting with the house-warming party. However, today there is a great solution to the problem and one which means you never need use carpeting again, no matter which room we are talking about. Here at Carpet Hub in Bristol we have been fitting a great deal of laminate and vinyl flooring in rented accommodation, and we have been fitting it throughout properties, not just in reception areas. Now that you can get laminate flooring and vinyl flooring that looks just like solid wood flooring, it is as easy to use in bedrooms as kitchens, while there is a wide choice of complementary styles of vinyl flooring for bathrooms.

Here at Carpet Hub in Bristol we act on behalf of a number of landlords who all agree on our recommendations for flooring solutions and who are now reaping the benefits of more sensible flooring that doesn’t need to be replaced at the end of every second tenancy. Knowing that your tenants have half a chance of keeping the floors in reasonable condition means the rest of the property will also be treated with more respect, so the right choice of flooring becomes doubly important. To get a better idea of what we are talking about please come in and see us in our Bristol showroom where we have an exceptionally wide range of flooring, including laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, solid wood flooring and vinyl flooring, and let us show you how we can save you money on flooring for your rented accommodation.

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