We have learned at carpet hub that customers really do like a deal. Let’s face it a deal on any product will always give you a great feeling. Which is why we have decided to take a different approach to our competition and call our selves the biggest discount flooring store.

Why are we doing this?

We have been looking at the supermarket sector for brands comparing tesco and Aldi.

Aldi over the best 2 years have been awarded best supermarket. This is because if there cheap prices but still I would say good products. The consequence is tesco loosing business by maybe actually looking to expensive. So we thought for carpets Bristol we could introduce the sand concept. With our carpets and flooring and accessories we will now be giving an extra  20% off our already discounted prices. Still maibtaibgvfreat service of course. We know with our prices we will not be beaten! We know it’s important for customers to save money. We feel with these discounts the name will get round quickly because we know people will tell more people how cheap our carpets in Bristol are. So for example your order comes to 600 pounds for all your carpet , underlay and accessories. We will take 20% off making it £480 that’s a saving of £120. All our carpets laminate flooring , wood flooring , vinyl flooring will maintain the same quality. We will still give a unique measuring service which will again save waste and save money.

Flooring in Bristol is becoming more and more competive with more shops than ever which Is Another reason as to why a unique selling point is needed. A our ranges are still suitable for areas of the home whatever the price also. We don’t have a timeframe as to when our 20% will stop as we feel this is a brand look that carpet hub know the public will enjoy . We are very proud of our carpet shop and they way it looks but soon you will be able to walk in and visibly see the discounts on offer. The only thing excluding our discounts on our flooring us the carpet fitting.

Fur buy to let properties we feel this will reallly benefit as keeping maintenance costs down are key. For young families doing up there first home this will also make a huge difference. If you a carpet at another carpet shop and it is somehow!?  Cheaper then we will beat it. Don’t delay come and see for yourself or call 01173790764

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