2016 brings bolder, brighter floor designs  

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If your wood floor has been through a raucous history leaving scratches, discolorations and dents it may be time to rethink your flooring in 2016, as floor styles are about to change dramatically.  The Sunday Times declares that next year you will see many more households in the UK embracing bold...

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2016 trend: Draughty wood panels giving way to cosy carpet

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Those sliver thin holes in your wood floor are not only unsightly, they are energy wasters, as they invite drafts and force you to turn up the heat.  Instead, you can turn up the standards of your home’s flooring and consider switching to the more practical and economic alternatives: vinyl floor,...

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Turn your family room into a party hub for years to come

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The holidays bring family and friends together more than any other party time.  So when you finally get all those loved ones gathered at one address, you’ll also wish they’d actually end up in one room together where they can interact, catch up and enjoy each other’s’ company.  That’s what family...

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A new carpet can get you a nice ROI on your house sale

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Let’s face it, when one goes house shopping one can’t help but look down and notice the flooring in the place – whether it’s vinyl floor, laminate floor, wood floor, or carpet. Carpets can get especially nasty If they’re worn thin, spotted with stubborn stains and smelling like the former owner’s...

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You’ve been warned: there may be more than tags hidden beneath that carpet you’re shopping for

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We find it amusing when consumer gurus give advice about weaselling the best deal out of a carpet sales rep, because we know we’ve got the best deal in town. In fact, we guarantee it. The Guardian money section ran an article warning of the hidden costs of carpets. The writer advises checking for...

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Cheap Carpets Great Quality

Here at Carpet hub the home for carpets in Bristol. We have been promoting some fantastic striped carpets and plain carpets as well as wool and twist carpets starting from just £5.59 a square meter. These Ranges have prices that have proven  to be really popular   And have been saving customers l...

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Need quick Flooring Quote?

By admin / October 3, 2015 / flooring, Uncategorized / 5 Comments

At carpet hub we would like to give you some tips on how you can generate a carpet laminate wood or vinyl quote yourself. We understand that before a customer shops for any type of flooring that they may need to work out a budget. By doing this choosing any types of carpets for example […]

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Cheap Flooring

At carpet hub the home for carpets bristol. We pride ourselves with the best deals. Our cheapest carpet is now from £5.59 a square meter. Our cheap laminate flooring range has enhanced and with our 20% off you wil struggle to find a better price! Vinyl flooring ranges are becoming more vast. We h...

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Need new flooring? Need a deal?

At carpet hub the home for carpets bristol , laminate flooring bristol, vinyl flooring bristol with everything being cheap but maintaining the quality! Xmas is coming and naturally our carpet shop will get busier and therefore carpet fitting will get tighter.  Let’s not deny that replacing ...

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Huge Savings on Carpets

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We have learned at carpet hub that customers really do like a deal. Let’s face it a deal on any product will always give you a great feeling. Which is why we have decided to take a different approach to our competition and call our selves the biggest discount flooring store. Why are we doin...

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