Those sliver thin holes in your wood floor are not only unsightly, they are energy wasters, as they invite drafts and force you to turn up the heat.  Instead, you can turn up the standards of your home’s flooring and consider switching to the more practical and economic alternatives: vinyl floor, laminate floor or carpets.  According to the Sunday Times you’ll be quite stylish in 2016 if you’re thinking of covering those old drafty, scratched and stained wood floors with warm, lush, easy-to-clean carpets.  Your rooms will feel much more inviting sporting the soft, tight weave of wool, polyester and nylon of wall-to-wall carpeting.  And your children will be much warmer and safer playing all those games that require sitting (or laying, or wrestling) on the floor.  

At Carpethub our designer-engineers don’t need to follow trends in the paper to set you up with the flooring design that matches your family’s lifestyle.  We are a family, so we get it.  We also happen to be the top flooring provider in the Bristol area, so we’re always one step ahead of the ever-changing styles and new functions.

Knowing you want to switch to carpets doesn’t mean knowing which fabric, texture, color and style to choose in each room – decisions that can alter the function, atmosphere and the mood of every room and family member.  That’s why we suggest you buy your new carpets together.  Shopping for home improvement items together is easy in our showroom with its thousands of samples and extremely knowledgeable staff.  We can even help you accessorise the rooms you are buying flooring for.  If everybody comes along, everybody feels like a decision maker and everybody enjoys the purchase more.  So bring measurements and photos of all the rooms you’ll be flooring – our family is happy to meet yours and tell you plenty of stories so you can learn from others’ mistakes.  You’ll also save gas money, as we are located in Bristol and offer plenty of free parking.  Whether it’s a carpet, vinyl floor, laminate floor, wood floor or any combination of flooring, our experts have had plenty of experience with it.  Got questions?  Ask away!  Our professional family can relate to the needs of all generations in your family – both pragmatic and aesthetic.  So call or email us today!

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