If your wood floor has been through a raucous history leaving scratches, discolorations and dents it may be time to rethink your flooring in 2016, as floor styles are about to change dramatically.  The Sunday Times declares that next year you will see many more households in the UK embracing bold, vivid, colorful designs in vinyl floor and laminate floor selections.  Stripes, diagonals, triangles, weaves and even mixed materials are all the rage for people who want a fresh panache in their home décor.

That article was no surprise to our flooring specialists here are Carpethub.  Our designer-engineers have been installing bodacious flooring designs for 35 years now.  Our family has been helping other families all over the UK become more stylish by inspiring fresh aesthetic choices that take into account budgetary concerns about the floors you will be walking, sitting, working and playing on for years to come.  After three decades of designing and decorating we’ve innovated our own custom measuring program.  Our efficient multi-length quoting service enables our designers to upload the length and width measurements of every room (even the awkward jagged crannies) so the program can compute a price estimate.  First our designer engineers will examine the floor’s condition for uneven aging, panel settling or other required repairs during the preparatory installation stage.  This prevents post-installation problems and expenses.  Then our specialists can discuss function, degree of usage and aesthetic considerations, as well as the room-to-room flow of your creatively designed home (even bold design can’t sustain abrupt or disorienting combinations.)  Our quick, efficient visits prevent a considerable amount of backtracking, as you can see from our dazzling reviews.   

Check the flooring outlets all across Bristol – we assure you, you won’t find a flooring retailer who offers higher quality at lower prices.  Others carry the same elite quality styles and brands, but not at our competitive prices.  We guarantee it  – with our “price match promise.”  Just bring us a written quote from any of our competitors for the product you desire and we will beat it on the spot.  Our family is satisfied only when your family is.  And that means flooring that lasts for at least a generation.  At Carpethub you get a package deal: durability, beauty and affordability.  So if you want comfort and beauty on budget call or email us today.

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